Peter Kent. Remember that name. It is as important to know who tears down a country as it is to know who builds a nation up. Peter Kent wil,l in his short visit to the UN Climate talks in Durban, be added to the list of destoyers of our future. Every indication in his public utterances since then have shown that he cares more for ideology than he does for the environment.

The shameful and totally predictable policy announced by Minister Kent in Durban, regarding the Canadian withdrawl from the Kyoto Accord only reaffirms what the world has understood for some time, that Canada under a Conservative majority government will follow the American approach to the Environment to the letter. We will now:  join the US which is not a signatory to the Kyoto Accord, call into question the science and the reports that show clearly the link between fossell fuels, the production of carbon dioxide and the pernicious effects on the environment, as well, Canada will now attempt to portray itself as the real friend of the corporate community which has largely been unsupportive of the Accord.

The attack on the former Liberal government for getting Canada into the Kyoto Accord in the first place is not just the usual,” there take that” approach of a new majority government, it is also a signal to the corporate sector that life will be much easier now that a Conservative government is in power. 

Although it is true that the Liberals were divided and unclear about how to support the Kyoto Accord, at least they signed it in good faith.Tthe present governmen,t rather than trying to broker a new accord, has decided to throw its lot in with the global naysayers while currying the favour of corporate friends back home.

The close association between oil and gas producers and the Conservative Party has been in evidence for many years, the utilization of the “hand in glove” approach being most noticeable during the political maneuvering around the recent Keystone XL Pipeline and the US Government negotiations.  However,  as we move considerably closer to an American approach to environmental issues Canadian citizens can only look on with worry and concern as they watch the petrolium producing corporations move in to reap the benefits of a made in Canada sellout.